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Welcome to visit our factory!

We are shijiazhuang xinhua distirct zhixing garment factory
We supply used clothes, used bags, used shoes.
The clothes is china original, We can mixed or sorted them according to customer

our factory in shijiazhuang city 

1. we supply grade A 
2. A lot of sell like hot 
3. all styles, all sizes
4. best quality with competitive price

our factory There are three groups:
1 all kinds all mixed together
2 simple ms group: (1) lady   Man   The child   The sport   others
                          (2) silk cotton  Pants type  sports The child  others
3 detail categories  


process of factory working 
1.raw materials 

2.sorting the clothes 

3.packing the clothes ( logo is customer logo)

4.finished packing ( fast delivery and on time )

5.loading the container 

Attention (we can offer) 
Any 3rd-part inspection required for customer clearance 
Any certificate required for customer clearance
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