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our factory There are three groups:
1 all kinds all mixed together
2 simple ms group: (1) lady   Man   The child   The sport   others
                           (2) silk cotton  Pants type  sports The child  others
3 to 2 categories again carefully 
Why did you choose us
1 in the industry for many years experience, a professional employees
2 the products of high quality
3 the best service
4 the most reasonable price


 The lady  Lady jean pants,lady cotton/silk skirt, lady pants,
 lady silk/cotton dress, lady cotton/silk blouse,lady short pants,lady woven shirt,lady T-  shirt,Lady cotton pants,lady night dress.etc
 The Man  Men jeans pants,men cotton pants, men long/short
 sleeveT-shirt, men short pants,Man jean pants ,3/4
 pants, cargo shorts/longs pants.etc
 The child  Children summer wear, children spring /autumn
 wear,children pants,Boy/Girl pants children
 The sport  swim wear, Sportsuniform,Adult training wear,Adult
 ogging wear,etc
 others  Fashion bags,Cap,Ladies silk scarf.  Etc
 Adult Nylon Sports Wear, Adult Sliding ,Adult Cotton Sports Wear,
 Light sport Wear,3/4 Pants,Man Casual pants, lady Casual pants, Lady Cotton Blouse, Man  Short Sleeves Collar T-Shirt, Man Long Sleeves  Collar
 T-Shirt, Basketball suit, Much pocket shorts pants
 Lady Silk Blouse, Lady Cotton Skirt, Lady Silk Skirt, Lady
 Silk Dress, Lady Cotton Dress, Lady Swimming Wear, Lady
 Leggings, Material skirt
 Cotton Wear  Lady Cotton Blouse, Lady Autumn clothes,
 Man Short Sleeves Collar T-Shirt,
 Man Short Sleeves Round Neck T-Shirt,
 Man Autumn clothes, Knitted short-sleeve,
 Elastic T-shirt, Elastic Autumn clothes, Lady sleeveless vest
 pants  Lady Jean Pants, man Jean Pants,
 lady cotton Pants, man cotton Pants,
 Much pocket long pants,  Material pants
 Children  Children Summer Wear, Children Spring / Autumn Wear,
 Children Sports Wear, Children Pants, Girl Dress Boy / Girl Long Pants,
 Evening dress  evening dress, Lady Silk Night Gown,
 Lady Cotton Night Gown
 Party dress
 Others  Man Underwear, Lady Underwear,
 Lady Brassieres, Silk Scarves,
 Cotton Scarves, Belts, Caps and Hats
 Bags  Lady fashion bags
 Travel bag

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