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As one of the Leading Chinese Exporters of top grade used shoes, we have been providing buyers
all types of Shoes you can imagine through out years. With tons of clean Used Shoes
continuously being carried back every day from various places mainly in the big Southern city Guangzhou,sorted outelaborately and packed precisely by sufficient well-experienced
workers under serious super vision of the QC,thus we are always able to supply our customers what they have required us strictly with not only fashionable but also no dirty,no torn andas good-quality as possible Used Shoes,which has actually contributed to our high Customer Evaluation as well.

Our Used Shoes include the following Types: (Male & Female & Children);Quantity in a 40 Ft Container: 25kg / Bag (800 Bags); 45kg / Bag (410Bags).

Leather Shoe, Sandal, Jandal, Slipper, Sneaker, Dance Shoe, Moccasin, Work Shoe,Boot, Canvas Shoe, Clog, Overshoe, Walking Shoe, Mountain Shoe, Basketball Shoe,FootballShoe, Tennis Shoe, Healthcare Shoe, Cloth Shoe, High-heeled Shoe,Beach Shoe,Patent Leather Shoe,Travel Shoe, Jogging Shoe, Racing Shoe,Dress Shoe, Fashion Shoe, Children Shoe,Casual Shoe, Sports Shoe, etc.

Seeing is believing. We sincerely welcome all buyers to visit our factory & check the quality standard to negotiate further cooperation. With high credibility and good-quality top grade used shoes, we are looking forward to Win-Win Business and Mutual Benefit with you. Any questions welcome to contact us
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